Random learning, part 7


Random facts follow me and stick to my brain like dog hair; no amount of time with the lint brush solves the problem. Fortunately, my blog serves as a nice depository for these facts, so if I can't shake them, at least I can share them. Ready?  Here goes: I've never noticed beards as much as I have recently. (Nothing like having Duck Dynasty marketing materials to keep them top of my mind!) Apparently, women find men with beards more attractive than those without.  Hmmm. Is this true?   Nah....Does music calm the "savage beast?" Apparently, it does with dogs!  Sushi doesn't mean raw fish, but "sour rice." I'm pretty sure sour rice doesn't sound any more appealing to those not on a "sushi plan," but I'll never look at rolls the same way again. (Need a good sushi rice recipe?  Look here!)


I always wondered how much wine comes out of the rows and rows of vineyards I pass in California. What I've learned is one acre of land produces 8 barrels of wine!  That doesn't sound like much to me, but apparently each barrel yields 24 cases of wine, which sounds better. I learned this facts here!


Chameleons don't change color to camouflage, but to regulate body temp. This is half the reason hunters camouflage today!


Famed therapist Dr. Ruth used to be a sniper in the Israeli army. I laugh at this fact every time. I didn't have a picture to back up the claim, but since my brother is a good shot, he gets to stand in!Speaking of my brother, who not only brews his own beer, but grows his own hops, I learned a TON from this how-to-make-beer video.  Favorite finds include "rule of thumb" origin, how beer saved the world, and why canned beer is better than glass. 

I told you they were random!

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