A Bit about us... 

JCP 2016-6086.jpg

Hey there!  

Here we are - the faces behind all of the words - standing in a broken down building because - well, it's a unique Atlanta spot!

If you spend much time with us, you'll learn we love unique things, people, and families.  

We love discussing how to swim against the culture of busyness and what it means to live life in community and with purpose.

By day, Billy works at North Point Ministries as the Director of Staff Development while Joy works in television development at Nine Toe Productions.  We love our jobs mostly because we work with awesome people and get to spend large swaths of our days engaging with compelling stories. 


The balance of our days is usually spent hanging with our kids:

Ellie (15-years-old and sporting her driver's learning permit) and Josh (13-years-old who can accurately tell you the Rotten Tomatoes score of any Marvel movie). Together with our yellow lab, Mack, we are "Team Phenix" and most of the time you can hear us coming from a distance!

We KNOW we aren't experts on all things parenting (follow us around for a day and you'll agree!), but we believe we can help you connect better with your spouse, family, and friends!

Thanks for inviting us into your journey!