Random Learning, Part 6

I feel as though I spend a good percentage of my observation time wondering about the origin of things. I wonder about design elements (how clever!), subtle details people mostly miss, and decisions that, in my opinion, seem so ridiculously bad that I wonder, "Did someone really sign off on this?" (a specific GoDaddy commercial comes to mind- I'm not going to link to it!) And so, I continue to pass along the random things I notice and learn. (Earlier editions - One, Two, Three, Four, Five)

Balloons Have A History Too!


Did you know Mylar balloons can cause power outages? Or that early balloons were made from animal bladders? (I can imagine PETA protesting kids' birthday parties.) Still, nothing's better than knowing that helium makes you sound like Donald Duck.

City Themes


I love seeing a town that embraces its industry with gusto. Going to Hershey, PA? Look carefully at your surroundings and see if you notice anything funny looking.


Any idea where this image is found?

Food Coloring


I've been reading all about the nasty side effects of food coloring, and I agree with avoiding processed food, BUT most days I have two stale red vines after lunch (if they aren't snapping, I don't want them!) knowing full well no candy naturally looks RED. Still, it's a treat worth the risk. After chocolate, red licorice is the favorite candy in the U.S., so I know I'm not alone. Red vines aren't technically licorice (since they don't have that root ingredient); who knows what's in these bad boys. 

Another "Hidden" Logo


I can't help but give props to artists who design clever logos. The Goodwill one surprised me. Do you see the G? I never did. Shoot! I thought I was so clever finding the arrow in Fed Ex. I can't believe I missed the subtly-placed G in Goodwill! Awesome...

Too Many Choices!


Did you know there are over 7500 different varieties of apples? I could have sworn I've tried 10,000 - but still, there's only one Honey Crisp variety and it's the best. Period. Of course, if you're looking for an electronic, I recommend trying Peaches!

Fascinating Eyeballs


Did you know infants don't blink as often as adults? They also don't produce tears until they're a month old. True story. It's also a myth that women blink more than men. I quoted that fact for ages, but when I Googled it, the results mocked me!  Have you noticed how Google has short-circuited dinner debates? I digress...

Outdated Driver's Education

Finally, did you know the current driver's education is NOT to keep your hands at the "10& 2" position on a steering wheel, but to keep your hands at the BOTTOM of the wheel closer to "8 & 4"? When was someone going to tell me??! Sheesh!!

What have you learned lately?