More Fun To Do

Danny MacAskill has an interesting job; he's a free-style cyclist. His job is to ride his bike bouncing from place to place, object to object.  And, when you watch this video, you'll see Danny does his job very well.

Why does he ride?  Joy and Accomplishment.  He rides for Fun and Adventure.

When I see videos like this, I find it easy to dismiss the frivolity of making a living on a bike. Maybe we could all enjoy our jobs if we weren't schlepping through a commute and returning so many emails.

Or, perhaps, we can find joy where we are now.  We can take pride in the accomplishments of the little things in our life.  We can bask in those moments where precision and control help us nail a landing!

I'm inspired by Danny because he embraces the obstacles in his way as a challenge to improve.

Wouldn't we all do well to do the same?