Creative Loafing's Best Dish List


Buckle up Everyone! Or, should I say, unbuckle your belt a couple of notches because a new eating adventure begins!

Creative Loafing has updated their bucket list of food to eat in Atlanta (here).  As you know, two years ago I tackled their last list, making it through about 80 items before losing steam due to seasonal timing (Local Three's lentil dish), WAAAAY too limited store hours (I'm looking at you Sugar Coated Radical!), menu changes (Varasanos), or far-flung locations (I can't seem to get to Decatur in time for donuts!).

Still, falling short in no way discourages me from tackling the new list. In fact, there are enough repeats and dishes I've already had that I've checked off 30 items. At some point I'll do a comprehensive write up of those dishes, but for the moment I can't wait to tell you about the first find.

In fact, I'm so excited about this new place that I'm already convinced this dining adventure will be just as exciting as the last.

The "first" stop is Storico Fresco Pasta in Buckhead (also at assorted Farmer's Markets around the Atlanta area, and Holeman & Finch).  The owner, Mike Patrick, traveled through Italy to learn classic pasta-making techniques from grandmothers and small pasta shops.  The result is an assortment of unusually shaped noodles and unbelievable stuffed pasta.

Truly amazing flavor!


Unlike other items on The List, you have to take this find home and cook it yourself.  They will give you the recipe and, if you need it, you can buy sage leaves at their store.


The pasta is lovingly packaged in a single flat tray with flour so they stay separated.  I ordered the Casonsei which is stuffed with roasted beets, smoked ricotta, and parmigiano.  The second pasta was also cheese-filled, but I missed the name!  Don't they look great?The process couldn't be easier. They recommend a simple brown butter sauce with sage and I heartily agree!  The simple sauce only requires being heated until brown then throwing in a few sage leaves.


Boil the pasta, toss with sauce and presto! Fabulousness in little bites. 

One of my friends went here the day after I raved to her and her text to me that night was, "I've died and gone to Italy!" I'm betting you'll feel the same way.