The List - Holeman & Finch

When I turned 40, my metabolism didn't simply fall off of a cliff; it got a running start and then dove, head first, off of it. As a result, I've cut my pasta consumption to a mere fraction of what it once was. If Raman was my staple in my 20's, pasta was my staple in my 30's. I say that to give you the proper filter for judging my thoughts on the Holeman & Finch Carbonara.  It's tantamount to asking someone suffering from dehydration what they think of a bottle of Evian.  That said, here's my humble opinion:

It was simply the most delicious pasta I've eaten in years.

Excuse my sense of shock.  It's not that The List disappoints.  It's just that I have had pasta in Italy.  I've eaten the truffle menu at Felidia.  I have Italian friends who turn wheat, water, and egg into something that makes you weep with joy with every bite.

I liked this at least as much as all of those dishes.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  If you live anywhere in the Southeast or happen to have a long layover at ATL, get thee to Buckhead and eat this dish.    It's deeeelish!

H&F Carbonara
H&F Carbonara

Also on The List at H-F is the Southern Cola.  A decent enough drink, but the mixologists there do much more interesting things with their wide assortment of liquors, so I'd skip it.