"The List"

This past May Creative Loafing published a list of 100 Dishes  you should eat before you die.  Its scope is impressive - covering every course and a huge variety of food genres.  Finding the restaurants themselves will tax your gas bill, your sense of direction, and your ability to decipher Korean as you pass strip malls at 35 mph. It couldn't be more fun.

In fact, the combination of exploring new restaurants, eating, and having a tangible goal (finishing the list in a year) is proving to be irresistible to me.

I am like a dog with a bone.

I carry The List with me at all times.  I show others The List and encourage them to participate.  I cajole the kids to trying new places on The List. Every date night with Billy hits a spot that has a dish on The List. I take pictures of the dishes and text them to others who are tackling The List.

I have to finish 50 items by November to be on pace.  Currently at 45.

Any interest in playing along?