The List: Miller Union

In an unprecedented move, Billy and I had a mid-week date night last week. The occasion was a big treat because some friends of ours had won a chef's tasting dinner at Miller Union for four couples and we were fortunate enough to be invited along. (I was on my best behavior!) The night was amazing, not just for the company, but because chef Steven Satterfield showed off his finest five-course tasting menu.  The service was incredible and the food absolutely stellar.

Based on our earlier experiences dining here, we weren't surprised, but it was great to be back!

First up was an item from The List (both 2011 AND 2013): Farm Egg in celery cream. Our waiter did a speedy job explaining how the white is separated from the yoke and stirred into the celery cream and the yoke is added back in after everything has been heated.

Sounds like a great technique, but not one I’ll be trying anytime soon. I can’t imagine being able to replicate the complexity and depth of flavors in this simple, yet elegant dish.


Pretty, isn’t it?  After cutting the yoke, you dish up a spoonful on a piece of bread and await for the party in your mouth!!


Next up was a pasta dish – ravioli with fresh beans and roasted tomatoes.  I wonder if these come from Storico Pasta – they are THAT good! That said, if I had to pick between a pasta course and a salad, I’d opt for the panzanella (not pictured) which is so fresh and tasty I almost licked the plate!


The tile fish was the fresh fish selection of the day, so I don’t know how often it appears on the menu.  Based on this delicious dish with Heirloom tomatoes and a cilantro puree, you’ll be safe putting your trust in the chef’s capable hands (second only to the duck fat poached salmon at The Optimist).


Our meat entrée was the skirt steak (also with the cilantro puree), okra, onions, and fingerling potatoes.  I prefer my steak on the rare side, and so I was particularly thrilled that the kitchen didn’t overcook the meat.


After this much food, how did we try the desserts?

Since there were eight of us at dinner, we had a wide sampling of desserts. One of the table favorites was the gluten-free chocolate cake, and Billy’s favorite was the blueberry cake (neither pictured), but I also loved the chocolate tart. Mmmmm.


However, I'm a fruit dessert kinda gal.

If peaches are in season, and you’re into delicious cream cheese tart with a balsamic honey ice cream, Miller Union has the dessert for you!


Tables at Miller Union are consistently booked, so make a reservation with plenty of lead time;  you'll be glad you did!