Encouragement For A Week


Be always lavish of your caresses, and sparing in your corrections. William Cavendish

I received a text this weekend which was so kind, so heartfelt, and so flat-out encouraging, that I'm still awash in gratitude for the person who reached out to me. Can you recall when someone encouraged you in such a way? Maybe it was a note or a phone call.  Perhaps it was a conversation over lunch or a surprise gift in your mailbox.

We've all been on the receiving end, but when's the last time you decided to make someone's day by strategically speaking a kind word into their lives?

I am inspired by my friend's words.

I want to spin people around this week the way that text message spun ME around.

After all, shooting someone a text message with a quick "well done" or "I appreciate you" or "you inspire me" won't require much time.  An email, or snail mail, or a catch up call - anything works.  All that's demanded is A Plan and a little follow through!

Of course, I love A Plan and I work best off of lists (if you know about my eating adventures, you know this to be true!), so here are my targets:

Monday- A Family Member

Tuesday - A Friend

Wednesday - A Coworker

Thursday - A Neighbor

Friday - A Familiar Stranger

Saturday - A Stranger

Sunday - Wild card!

Who's with me??

I bet it will make your week too!