53 Lessons From Mom

Team Fletcher
Team Fletcher

Do you hear your mom’s voice rattle around in your head?  Do you ever notice your mannerisms in the mirror as distinctly coming from your mom? Can you hear the tone of your voice as though it comes directly from your childhood? These days, for me the answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes!  In fact, perhaps the easiest list I’ve ever made are principles I get from mom.

So today, though I’m cross country from mom, I’m especially thankful for the 53 mom lessons (one for every year my mom’s been a mom – to my MUCH older brother – Ahem…) below.

Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few of them too!

1. Keep a book open in every room.

2. Learn someone’s life story while standing in the check-out line.

3. Know a little bit about everything.

4. When someone tells you they’re on their way to a new movie, be encouraging and say, "Oh! I heard that was good."

5. Never waiver on calling yourself an equally loyal Dodger & Angel fan even when every family member says it can’t be done.

6. Closing cabinet doors is overrated!

7.  Don't stop reading. If you violate principle # 1, find a newspaper, or blog, or instruction manual, or…anything

8. The only exception to #7 is the occasional break to work a crossword puzzle, scrapbook, or play solitaire.

9. If you’re at the beach, always play in the waves. Preferably with a child holding your hand.

10. Ask questions.

11. Be generous, always.

12. Love unconditionally.

13. Donate blood and register with Bone Marrow Donor Program.

14. Never complain.

15. Be everyone's counselor.

16. Always be friendly.

17. Remember people's phone numbers, even from 30 years ago. You might not be able to find your cell phone some days!

18. Being gullible isn’t a bad thing.

19. If something is missing from the fast food order, be the one who goes without.

20. Preface helpful advice by saying, " I just read somewhere…"

21. If someone has a problem, move heaven and earth to fix it.

22. Chaos & mess shouldn't bother you.

23. Never stop scrapbooking.

24. Love Jesus, your family, your friends, in that order.

25. Know random trivia about every professional athlete, in case you need an ice breaker.

26. Learn how to fry a taco shell.

27. Keys have a life of their own.  Don’t expect to find them where you left them.

28. Don’t worry about money; you can’t take it with you.

29. Learn to drive a stick shift.

30. Welcome everyone. “My home is your home!”

31. For the love of the English language, learn that “Your” is not the same as “You’re.”

32. Always have a book recommendation on the top of your mind.

33. Eat together.

34. Invite people to stay for dinner.

35. Always, always, always look for a faster route to your destination.

36. Stay married.

37. Read your Bible.

38. Use an editor.

39. Don’t worry about the “Check engine” light

40. Read to kids early and often.

41. Learn how to cook artichokes (and feel free to steal artichoke hearts from your kids by telling  they are icky!)

42. Pray about everything.

43. No TV during dinner.

44. Appreciate teachers.

45. Let kids own their mistakes.

46. Be a good audience.

47. Master the art of cooking quickly.

48. Pizza delivery is always a good tradeoff for a night out of the kitchen.

49. Tip the pizza guy well. (See #11)

50. Learn how to make a great salad.

51. Talk with your hands.

52. Be a student of people.

53. Did I mention reading is a good idea?

So whether you're 53 years into being a mom or a new mom; whether you're hanging with your mom today or missing her (and maybe today makes you feel blue), I hope today is filled with great memories.

Have a wonderful day!!

(Especially YOU Mom!)