A Mom's Birthday

Among my mom's many talents is her ability to express herself in writing.Unfortunately, she's a shy writer. That said, I am not afraid to publish her musings (with permission, of course) for all of you to enjoy.

I've been saving today's poem because it provides an all-too-relatable theme for many of us on our birthdays. When life is challenging, birthdays feel like a burden and meaning seems irrelevant.

I love how my Mom responds to her feelings (spoiler: she doesn't trust them), and I hope today on her __ birthday (far be it for me to say!) she doesn't have a clogged toilet or hayfever.

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I spent the day feeling sorry for myself, Lord.

The toilet clogged, the kids yelled, I spent three hours weeding, and had hay fever all afternoon. Besides which I had to face the fact that 34 years have gone by and not a great deal has been accomplished.

In other words, I don't seem to be worth much.

But then I consider the sacrifice you made in becoming just like me. You must have had days like this too.

You faced them because you cared about me. Not just humanity, but the five foot, six-inch brown-haired (well, almost) nearsighted short-tempered person my children call "mom."

The union which brought me into being could so easily have occurred earlier or later, uniting some other sperm with that egg and creating someone other than me. But you wanted me, Lord.

Forgive me for denying the worth of that gift to  yourself.

Since you accept me as I am, I'll accept me too.

- Gail Fletcher

Happy Birthday Mom - - You are most dearly loved!