Why I Blog & Why You Should Too

I’m a big Seth Godin fan. I read his books. I subscribe to his blog, and I quote many of his business ideas.  His gift with words and clarity of thought  inspire me.   A little over a year ago, I watched an interview he gave along with leadership guru, Tom Peters.  During the interview these guys talked about why they blog and how it "changed (their) life."

I watched, and in a minute and a half, Godin convinced me that I needed to blog too.

Check out his explanation and see if you find his thoughts compelling.

After writing for the the past year, I have to agree with every point they made.  However, the blogging lesson MOST in my face is "the  humility that comes from writing it."  Some days I struggle with brevity.  Other days I struggle with clarity.   In almost every post my mom corrects my grammatical errors. Every day requires a little courage to push "publish."

There are days my posts land flat (and I don't know why) and other days when the posts seem to strike a chord with everyone (and I don't know why).  For the record, if you don't know WHY something does or doesn't work, it's hard to repeat!

And soooo, I'm still learning.

In fact, besides learning (mostly) how to use a semi-colon, this year has been a journey of understanding creativity, inspiration, and discipline.  I've loved the process and can honestly say it's been more challenging AND rewarding than I ever imagined.

The fact that YOU'RE reading along, well that's AMAZING!

Thanks.  And let me know the address of your new blog...