When Your Mom Edits Your Life


Countless times I’ve mentioned how my mom acts as my Copy Editor. I say this in the most literal definition of the title.

Mom reads my blog before I post and makes corrections (though any remaining errors are my own), she reviews my work, documents and fixes oversights. Lately she’s been reading scripts and making notes like a pro.

However, as I talked to mom over dinner this weekend, I realized she acts as my editor in a metaphorical sense as well. She makes me see life differently; she makes me notice the sloppiness and error of my ways.

For instance…


Put space between words. Take a deep breath and pause before you speak. There’s no need to rush. Relax. Laugh with friends and ask lots of questions.

Like using an Oxford common, accept change. Remember to err on the side of clarity.

Commas in life are like spaces which give us the chance to catch our breath. Again, don’t be in such a hurry.

Ellipsis… are better than dashes because life sometimes leaves you hanging and when you're hanging...

Do. Not. Panic.

Panic is as distracting as putting a period after every word in a sentence. God specializes in ellipsis… he’ll finish his work soon enough.

Words matter

Let the words you use be well-chosen, appropriate to the situation, and life-giving. Talk things through, remembering not to dominate the conversation.

Be brief.

(Clearly I don’t always obey my editor!)

Know your audience

Don’t use SAT words unless it’s absolutely necessary. (See Egregious; sometimes you HAVE to use the word egregious.)

No one is impressed by the proud, so don’t get puffed up with what you know. The goal is to be kind to others by meeting them wherever they are. Write your life like you would write a children’s book; make the story compelling and the images colorful.

Life is best lived as a fun, dynamic, adventure.

Thanks for all of the advice Mom. I am so grateful for you and love you more than you know and, certainly, more than my words express.  You are the best editor yet.

(Sorry about the one word sentences. It’s an egregious use of period, I know. I had to do it. Had. To. Do. It…)

Happiest of Mother's Day!