What If Your Body Language Changes You?

I'm a sucker for those news segments where they feature a "body language" expert to deconstruct what people are inadvertently communicating with their bodies: the missed handshake, the rolled eyes, the awkward hug. Experts agree, non-verbal communication communicates volumes, whether we intend it to or not.

However, in the fascinating TED talk below, Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy makes an argument that body language doesn't just communicate to others, it also does a number on your own behavior.

Her thesis, in case you don't make it through the whole video, is that our bodies can change our minds, our minds change our behaviors, and behaviors change our outcomes.

So, Ms. Cuddy argues, when you position your body in a certain way, a power position, your body chemistry is altered and THAT changes everything.

Her evidence is compelling and, inspires me to do something different before my next stressful meeting.

Watch and pass along!