Using Stories to Create Brand Connections


“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Phillip Pullman

I am a consumer and, as such, I'm accustomed to people trying to sell me stuff.

No problem.  I get it.

I understand the motivation to move product, and since I work in television, I probably appreciate the ecosystem more than the average consumer.  Still, when I look around at the mundane, tired, and (dare I say?) lame marketing campaigns, I'm not impressed.

Please don't scream "SALE" at me or think the latest American Idol single will help.   I'm ignoring the pop-up ads and recycling the junk mail.   I think when you're trying so hard to be heard, your underlying product isn't worthwhile.

I only hear noise.

However, sometimes an ad catches me off-guard and leaves an impression.

This holiday season,  a British company, John Lewis, is the one getting my attention.  In fact, for the past several years John Lewis's innovative Christmas spots have been the most original and engaging I can recall.

They tell a story. They appeal to your emotion. They make you feel good about the brand.

Maybe I just have a thing for snowmen, but I  think this spot is brilliant.

Take a look.

Making an ad like this requires more than throwing a few ideas on a whiteboard. This kind of creativity comes from blood, sweat, and tears.

Are you working on anything that feels a little flat?  Check your storyline to see if it's engaging.

Do you have a project or message that doesn't seem to stick? Odds are, you need to improve the story.

Spend time crafting your story to find connections.   You might just "give a little more love this Christmas."