Summer Hours

Teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom.Psalm 90:12


I'm ridiculously excited about having the kids around this summer, but I realize I'm going to need to redeem the hours when they are typically in school in order to get some work done.

This requires reshuffling priorities and saying no more often than usual.

However, the biggest opportunity comes by shifting my online and blog time to work. (I generally do these activities very early in the morning or late at night.)  As a result, you may notice a drop-off in how frequently I post and/or the amount of new content.

Maybe you won't notice at all.  After all, maybe you'll unplug too!  Maybe you'll hurry home and throw some food on the grill, or take a walk, or catch up with friends. This is no time to be sitting in front of a screen!

Whatever your summer hours look like, make it memorable!

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