Scavenger Hunt Celebration

(Before the blog post starts, I want you to realize that this is actually Ellie writing and not Joy, just to save you from any confusion.)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

In my opinion, today is a little bit of a awkward holiday because some people take the day off of work/school, some don't. Fortunately, Josh and I have the day off of school and we spend the day doing this fun photo scavenger hunt. We've done this every MLK day that I can remember.

Basically the whole premise of the hunt is to find interesting things around Atlanta and we take a picture in front of it. Beforehand, we will make a list of all the things we want to find, carrying it around with us everywhere we go.

When we were younger, Mom would talk us into taking "jumping pictures." We've continued the tradition up until this year.  This is the earliest jump picture we could find. (2009)

With preschooler tummy, spiky hair, and velcro shoes, Josh was obviously doing something right that MLK day. Me with my pink vest and bootcut jeans, I might not have lived up to his standard in fashion sense. (Let's just roll with it.)

In 2010, my photography skills were not up to par. Sorry Josh and Mom, for making you look like you're doing the chicken dance. (2010)

Let's turn our attention away from my outfit and to Josh's missing front teeth! How cute. (2011)

Thank goodness for iPhone "bursts." Jumping pictures have gotten 10,000 times easier. (Also, Bb8!) (2016)

Last year we decided to add an optical illusion. Look out for UP 2, starring Ellie and Josh Phenix, coming to a theater near you. (It's a short film. Ain't nobody got time for an full length movie.)

All and all, MLK day has been a fun way to connect with the family.

Want to join in the fun? Here's our list for the hunt this year. (MLK Jr hunt 2017)

Happy hunting!

We can't wait to see your pictures!