Reinventing Your Career


When I was a senior at UCLA, I realized my experiences wrangling dorm residents and teaching kids swimming wasn’t going to translate into much of a career. More precisely, my parents told me it wasn’t going to be a career. They insisted I log some “real world” experience.  When you live in West Los Angeles, this means landing an internship (code word for “unpaid”) in The Industry.

Reluctantly, I checked out the student job board and started interviewing anywhere they would talk to me.  One start-up network, Arts & Entertainment, had just opened their LA office and offered me a position.


That was in 1986, 27 years ago, and I’m still with the network.

Twenty. Seven. Years.

Who does that?

I’m still surprised the answer is me! I do that!

My experience is woven throughout this blog, so you can see much of what I’ve learned from the entertainment business. Without qualification, I couldn’t have asked for a better company, a more dynamic industry, or a career more perfectly suited for me than the one I’ve had.

And so, the journey to say goodbye in nine short days is nothing short of life-changing.

My time at the place where I've grown up is down to single digits...

B R E A T H E.

As you might imagine, I am living on a racquetball court of emotions: one moment I’m excited, and the next I’m sad. I’m energized, then melancholy. I’m laughing, then weepy. Overwhelmed, then calm.

But, above all, I am grateful.

I’m grateful for everything I see in the rear-view mirror.  Much of it I wouldn’t have chosen, but all of it I appreciate.

God knew what he was doing in giving us the ability to reflect on our past rather than see into our future.  I would never have had believed I could have walked this path.

All of you, faithful readers, have listened to me preach on showing courage, pushing innovation, and being fearless, and so I thought I’d take you along on my story to reinvent what I do.

So what’s next?  An adventure, no doubt.

I’ll tell you more specifics tomorrow!