My New Adventure!

"No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time." Lewis Carroll

I ran into a friend recently who asked me why I was blogging so infrequently these days. Besides being flattered that she noticed my absence, I was SUPER excited to tell her what I was doing with my writing time...and I'm even more excited to tell you.

Are you ready?


I'm working with my husband to launch a podcast about parenting and things that matter to families!

What? Was that a gasp? Can you even believe it?

Ha! OK - so maybe this isn't the most dramatic development but still, Billy and I have been having a blast plotting, planning, and recording this new venture.

For the moment I'll spare you the backstory of how we found our way in front of the mics and instead invite you to check it out for yourself.  The first episode explains what you can expect from the short (30 minute) discussion and the show description says:

This podcast is a dialog about challenges and opportunities parents face as they raise kids, enjoy marriage, and live a purpose-filled life. These honest conversations give parents fodder so they can talk to each other, be encouraged, and recognize they aren't raising kids alone.

So go over to iTunes and search for "Between Parents"  (or click this link).

We would LOVE to hear what you think and what topics you would love to have us discuss!  So while I'll be blogging less, you'll actually be "hearing" from me more!

Can't wait to catch you over there!