Don't Trade Being Social For Doing Social


I saw this at a small coffee shop recently and it made me laugh. Starbucks would never post this kind of overt threat, but I fully support the cheeky attitude of someone who just wants a few seconds of attention before they make your coffee.

Of course, when I laugh, I think about rude people who rush through life carelessly ignoring people who serve them; brushing past strangers who can't demand their full attention.

We've all watched people so caught up in their text messaging, posting, commenting that they aren't mindful of the REAL people in front of them.

Since when is the ping of the phone more compelling than the person in front of us? Why have we chosen "doing social media" instead of being social people?

Of course, I live in the proverbial "glass house" and am talking mostly to myself.  I fight this battle daily.  Perhaps you do as well.

This week, look people in the eye and carry on conversations in real time.  Make the people in front of you more important than anything on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Be Social.

And maybe you'll even stay caffeinated!