Creative simplicity a la OK Go

This weekend I discovered the official music video of OK Go's latest release, Skyscrapers. Since then, I've watched the video 739 times.  I think I know every last word.  Not kidding.

Of course, most of the viewing is because my daughter and I are trying to figure out how the female dancer kicks her legs at opposite right angles so perfectly.   We are about to give up hope of being that cool, but we're having fun trying.

I am also obsessed by the color choices - the smooth dancers and, above all, the simplicity of the design work.

See for yourself.


This video reminds me that editing is always  worth the effort.  Simplicity and focus are always our friends.  I'd love to know the story of how they put this together.  If any of you see it, let me know!

Happy hump day : )